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About Us

Who are we?

Chocolate at Home is a division of Keylink, the UK’s leading supplier of chocolate to chocolate professionals for the past fifty years. We are a one-stop shop, supplying everything from ingredients and décor, to packaging, moulds and equipment.

We wanted to use our love for chocolate to inspire the people who eat it, so we created Chocolate at Home in 2014, producing chocolate-making kits with two simple aims:

1. To use unique ingredients you wouldn’t usually find in your local supermarket

2. To enable people of all ages to enjoy the satisfaction of making tasty chocolates themselves

We began our journey with two much larger and elaborate truffle kits back in 2014. Since then we’ve tried lots of different recipes and bribed our staff to sample hundreds of truffles, all in our quest to choose the right chocolate and ingredients so you can make delicious truffles at home.

Today the Chocolate at Home range consists of a milk chocolate truffle kit and a salted caramel chocolate truffle kit, both available exclusively in Sainsbury’s. They are easy to make, will give you consistent results every time, and most importantly, they taste amazing!


The milk chocolate truffle kit contains shiny chocolate pieces for rolling your truffles and the salted caramel chocolate truffle kit contains a light, textured chocolate powder and crunchy salted butter caramel pieces.  Both kits use 32% cocoa solids professional grade milk chocolate.

What do I use the kits for?

We think our kits provide the perfect opportunity for sharing… whether that’s sharing the fun of making them, or sharing the finished truffles! Everything from movie night to a coffee morning, making your own truffles is a fulfilling and creative way to treat yourself and others!


How to make the kits?

The kits are easy and fun to make – simple to follow instructions are on the pack, and the only extra ingredient you need is double cream. The result is truly decadent truffles you just can’t buy ready-made in the shops and lots of little moments to savour.


There is plenty of room for creative flair as you can make your milk chocolate truffles different every time – you could use anything from cardamom to Baileys to make them extra indulgent! (Peanut butter is a favourite in the Chocolate at Home office!)

We can’t wait to see what you come up with. Get in touch with us via social media and show us how you’ve been making your truffles!


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