Dark Chocolate Truffles with Benedictine

Chocolate Kits / March 13, 2015

A Special Mother’s Day Chocolate Treat!

Vanester from award winning blogger Bangers and Mash tried out our Dark Chocolate Truffle Kit and made her mum a special Mother’s Day treat! It was a real family affair as three generations of women had fun making the truffles. The ganaché in the chocolate making kit is used with a 67% Madagascan origin chocol... Read More...

Making Chocolate at Home / February 3, 2015

Dip into DIY Chocolate Box!

Take a look at how easy it is to create beautiful dark chocolate truffles using our signature 67% Madagascan Origin Chocolate!... Read More...

Dark Chocolate Truffle Kit

Chocolate Kits / January 30, 2015

The Perfect Valentine’s Gift!

Chocolate is a brilliant gift especially for Valentine’s Day. It’s so delicious and can be a very romantic present too. Here are two brilliant gifts that would impress your partner! Click here to read Sew White’s full review of our Dark Chocolate Truffle and Dessert Canapé making kits!... Read More...

Orange and Rhubarb Dessert Canapés

Chocolate Kits / December 22, 2014

Orange and Rhubarb Dessert Canapés!

With the party season in full swing, now was the time to make the Dessert Canapé Kit! I added my own little twist…Rhubarb Schnapps! Click here to read my post about the Orange and Rhubarb Chocolate Dessert Canapé Kit. Image courtesy of Chocolate Log Blog  ... Read More...

Bumblebee Chocolate Lollipop Making Kit

Chocolate Kits / December 16, 2014

Thumbs Up for the Bumblebee Chocolate Lollipop Kit!

My girls had an absolute ball making their own chocolate lollipops, complete with cute bumblebee transfers and enjoyed gobbling them afterwards even more! Click here to read my Bumblebee Chocolate Making Kit review in full! Image courtesy of Bangers and Mash Read More...


Chocolate Kits / December 3, 2014

Sew White’s review of the Reindeer Chocolate Lollipop Kit!

Gorgeous, easy and wonderful are just some of the words I use in my review to describe the Reindeer Chocolate Lollipop Kit from! Click here to read Sew White’s review of our Reindeer Chocolate Making Kit!... Read More...

Milk Chocolate Truffles

Chocolate Kits / November 10, 2014

Chocolate Log Blog’s review of the Milk Chocolate Truffle Kit! have created chocolate making kits that are easy to make, taste great and look wonderful! They’re perfect gifts for Christmas and any other occasion for friends, relatives and fellow chocoholics! Click here to read Choclette’s post about our Milk Chocolate Truffle Kit . Image courtesy ... Read More...


Chocolate Information / September 29, 2014

Help! Which chocolate should I buy?

Many recipes call for chocolate but which one should you buy? What’s the difference? What makes a good quality chocolate? Click here and take a look at our information page to find out!... Read More...


Making Chocolate at Home / September 29, 2014

A few of our favourite things!

Chocolate is perfect on its own but it’s also fun to add something else to give you that extra taste, texture and exciting look! Click here to read more.... Read More...