Creative Bumblebee Lollipops!

Children will love Getting Creative with their Bumblebee Chocolate Lollipop Kit! It’s such a unique chocolate making kit for kids with Bumblebees that magically appear on their lollies. They can decorate the back of the lollies before they set and create their own delicious milk chocolate lollipops!

Decorate your Lollies

After you’ve poured the chocolate onto the transfer sheet and added the stick, you can decorate the lolly with your favourite treats e.g. Smarties, marshmallows, jelly beans. Crushed up cookies and dried fruit work really well. Make sure you add the toppings straight away as the chocolate will start to set soon after pouring it onto the transfer sheet.

Make Different Shapes

We’ve shown you how to make round lollies but you can also have a go at making your own funky shapes either by pouring the melted chocolate onto the transfer sheet with a spoon or by using a piping bag. There are so many options, a flower, car, heart, squiggly lines etc just have a go and Get Creative! Once you’ve created the design make sure you put the lolly stick in before it starts to set.

You can see some of our creations below!

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