Exquisite Chocolate Canapés and Bars

We recently enlisted the help of modern mama Amy from Mr and Mrs T plus 3 to have a go at making our delicious chocolate dessert canapés and tempting milk chocolate bars from our range of 9 chocolate making kits!

You’ve had a go at making brownies and cupcakes from kits, now Amy tells you how easy it is to make fabulous chocolates at home with our kits. Imagine creating 15 moreish dark chocolate dessert canapés with smooth chocolate mousse, tangy candied Valencia orange and a delightful crunch of caramelised hazelnuts and all in just a few easy steps. From the milk chocolate bar kit Amy created a Rocky Road chocolate bar and one with honeycomb and intense orange pieces.

All the family were impressed with her chocolate creations and even asked where the chocolate machine was! Our kits are simple to make with everything you need to create stunning chocolates! Read Amy’s full review here.

Images courtesy of Mr and Mrs T Plus 3.

Chocolate Canape Kit

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