Chocolate at Home


There are lots of ways to personalise your Chocolate at Home truffles… here are a few of our favourites. Send us pictures of yours on instagram #mmmchocolate

The Classic Baileys

Replace 20ml of cream with 20ml of Baileys.


Finish Your Cakes In Style

Masala Chai

Infuse your cream with a pinch of ground ginger, cardamom, nutmeg, clove, black pepper and cinnamon

Freeze Dried Raspberries

Roll in freeze dried raspberries

Lime & Chilli

Add the juice of 1 lime and some chilli flakes


Reduce cream to 30ml and add 13ml Limoncello and some lemon zest to taste

A Festive Favourite

Zest of an orange, 1tsp each of mixed peel, sultanas, almonds and pistachios, 1/3 tsp mixed spice, pinch of sea salt

Pistachio and Rose

Add two drops rosewater into the ganache and roll truffles in chopped pistachios

Gingerbread Spice

Reduce cream to 30ml and add 13ml Amaretto liquor. Infuse cream with 1 tspn gingerbread or mixed spice.

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