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The Chocolate at Home Story

Here at Chocolate at Home we have just one goal, to help you make the most luxurious, heavenly and moreish chocolate truffles you’ve ever tasted, all from the comfort of your own kitchen!

So what’s the secret behind the silky smooth, chocolatey decadence of our truffles? Well first of all, our kits only contain exceptionally high quality and carefully selected ingredients from the chocolate down to the salted butter caramel pieces and the chocolate powder and flakes. That’s our part. But the magic happens when you add your own creativity to the mix, and of course, fresh cream!

Get Creative

Our truffle kits currently come in two flavours, milk chocolate truffles and salted caramel truffles. They are both perfectly balanced and seriously moreish just as they are, but if you ever want to really impress your family and friends, or just treat yourself, well now you can!

Making the truffles really is super easy, but so is flavouring them. Whether you add popping candy or peanut butter for the kids, Baileys or rum for the grandparents, or aromatic spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg or chai for an after-dinner indulgence, they are sure to be a hit!

Take a look at our Inspiration page, where you’ll see ideas for just some of the mouth-watering treats that you could make. And make sure you’re following us on Instagram or Facebook for the latest news and flavour inspirations.

We also love to see what our customers have been creating with our kits, so feel free to tag us in your own truffle posts on Instagram or Facebook.

Our Story

Our parent company, Keylink, started off 50 years ago as the first company to import fresh cream Belgian truffles through Manchester airport. Since then Keylink has grown to become the UK’s leading supplier to professional artisan chocolatiers of all the finest chocolate, ingredients, flavourings, inclusions, decorations and other wonderful things they need to create their own incredible delicacies.

When The Great British Bake Off started in 2010, we watched as a new generation of people discovered the joy and satisfaction of making and sharing their own delicious creations. Our thoughts quickly turned to how much we enjoy working in our own development kitchen and we realised how easy it would be to bring that same experience to every chocolate lover in their own home. With our knowledge and experience of chocolate, it was just one small step to bring some of the same ingredients we had been supplying to professionals for all these years, to you in the form of our chocolate truffle making kits. And so in 2014, Chocolate At Home was born!

Sanjeev P Ramchandani
Managing Director

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