Assorted Chocolate Lollipop Kits (party bags)

A fun and unique party bag idea to give away at your child’s party! There are 5 assorted chocolate lollipop kits in a pack and each kit makes 5 milk chocolate lollipops with fun designs; Monsters, Football, Princess, Animals and Birthday! 

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They’re also perfect to give as a gift, to make as a rainy day activity or just as an every day treat! Children will have fun making their lollipops then create fun filled stories of mischievous monster tales, being a Princess in the castle or maybe their winning cup final team! The best bit is getting to eat the lovely lollies after!

What’s Included?

Each outer pack contains 1 of each of the chocolate lollipop kits; Monsters, Princess, Animals, Football and Birthday.

Each kit contains.

  • 125g Milk Chocolate
  • Transfer Designs
  • 5 Lollipop Sticks

What else do I need?

Nothing, we’ve included everything you need but you can add your favourite treats to the lollies before they set! 

What do I do?

Just follow the step by step instructions in your kit. You can also download the instructions on the relevant kit product page.

Get Creative!

Decorate your Lollies

After you’ve poured the chocolate onto the transfer sheet and added the stick (step 7 in the instructions), you can decorate the lollies with your favourite treats e.g. Smarties, marshmallows, jelly beans. Crushed up cookies and dried fruit work really well. Make sure you add the toppings straight away as the chocolate will start to set soon after pouring it onto the transfer sheet.


How-to Videos

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See the separate kit product pages for the ingredients and nutritional information.

1 review for Assorted Chocolate Lollipop Kits (party bags)

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Elaine and Fiona

    We’re childminders and tried the kits with our children whom vary from 3 right through to 10. We wanted to let the older children do a lot of it by themselves and the 8 and 10 year olds took great delight in reading the instructions and examining the contents. They actually lead the activity and told us what to do!

    They followed the instructions and came to the best bit which was spooning the chocolate onto the transfers! They placed the sticks and rolled then put them in the fridge. The children took turns in taking the lollies off the transfers. They thoroughly enjoyed it!

    The activity was a success. The kits are packaged well, the children liked the colours and the fact they could see what the transfers were. It’s a great product!

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