Dark Chocolate Mousse Powder

We use this dark chocolate mousse powder in our signature Dessert Canapé kit! It’s very quick to make and results in an addictive chocolate mousse. Read more below… Pack Size: 200g in a resealable bag.    

Read more below..

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Our dark chocolate mousse is the perfect solution to a quick and easy dinner party dessert when you’d rather spend time with your guests. You can make the chocolate mousse a few hours in advance by simply whisking the powder into whole or semi skimmed milk, refrigerate and take out just before you want to serve. Add some fresh strawberries or mango for a balance of acidity.

Whisking 250ml of whole or semi skimmed milk with 200g of mousse powder will make approximately 425g of delicious mousse!  You can even substitute the milk for orange juice, fruit pureés or champagne for an extra special twist!

If milk or white chocolate mousse is your favourite, click on the products below.


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