Java 32% Origin Milk Chocolate

Java is a 32% is a sweet and creamy milk chocolate with a strong caramel flavour. Read more below… Pack size: 500g in a resealable bag.  

Read more below..

£7.90 incl. VAT


About Java: Java, one of Indonesia’s 17 islands, is full of breathtaking beauty and volcanic scenary. The fertile slopes create an inviting habitat for cocoa plantations which produces this milk chocolate from Criollo beans.

Flavour profile: Aromas of liquorice and cinnamon and impressions of sweet toffee, vanilla and fruity zest burst through. Its creamy texture combines beautifully with mandarin and Chardonnay, macademia nut and cardamom and Guatemala coffee.

How to use: Java is a great chocolate for using in baking recipes such as a chocolate angel cake, roulade or chunky milk chocolate chip cookies. It’s also great for deserts such as an extra special milk chocolate pannacotta or chocolate fudge ice cream!

Alternatively they’re simply delicious to enjoy as they are!



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