How to Make Liquorice Truffles

Just like our milk chocolate truffle kit, our dark chocolate truffle kit can be transformed into different flavour truffles every time you make them! You can add your favourite liqueurs, spices, fruit pureés or flavour drops to the ganache to make different truffles every time! Why not Get Creative with your next dark chocolate truffle kit and let us know which flavours you make!

Liquorice Truffles

We know there are many flavours you can make into a sumptuous dark chocolate ganache and my colleagues love of liquorice made me wonder whether it would work using our dark chocolate truffle kit. The verdict: it certainly does, even those who don’t normally like liquorice loved the truffles!
Dark Chocolate Truffles with Liquorice You will need:

  • A dark chocolate truffle kit with the recipe card
  • 40g traditional soft liquorice (like the one in the image!)
  • 100ml whipping or double cream

Chop the liquorice into very small pieces. Using the recipe card from the kit,  follow step one to heat the cream. Add the chopped liquorice to the heated cream and leave to one side whilst you melt the Madagascan chocolate (the small buttons). Again following the recipe card melt the chocolate slowly.

Now stir the liquorice and cream and make sure the liquorice pieces have melted into the cream. Pour the cream mixture onto the melted chocolate and using a spatula combine it slowly.

Next pour the filling into the piping bag and follow step 4 of the recipe card to fill the truffle shells. Put them in the fridge to set for 30 minutes.

After 30 minutes, melt the Belgian chocolate (the large buttons) slowly following the guidelines in your recipe card. Put the chocolate flakes in a bowl or on a plate ready to roll your truffles!

Remove the truffles from the fridge and dip them a couple at a time into the melted chocolate and using a fork make sure they are fully coated in the chocolate. Put them into the chocolate flakes and roll them until they are fully covered. You can place them on a tray or plate and when they’ve all been rolled put them in the fridge for 15 minutes to set.

Chocolate tastes beautiful at room temperature so take them out of the fridge 30 minutes or so before you want to enjoy them!